Featured Services

We look forwarding to providing you with excellent bookkeeping and professional office services.  Call us at 480-313-6093 or email us at janice@bulletproofboo.wpengine.com  to set up an appointment to discuss the services Bulletproof Bookkeeping will provide for you.

Administrative Coordination

Basic office practices such as office schedules, answering services or recorded messages, office procedures, fax and copy centers, IT services, internet services, office organization and set-up, etc.

Auditing and Quality Control

Inventory processes and reports, customer satisfaction surveys, actual performance vs projected performance, etc. Identifying deficiencies in the company’s performance and determine how those deficiencies can be prevented in the future.

Bookkeeping / Accounting

Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll and Payroll Taxes, Transaction Privilege Taxes, Journal Entries, Bank Reconciliations, Collections, Merchant Services, etc.

Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investors

We will set up and maintain your Building Assets and accompanying accounts for you (i.e., improvements, utilities, insurance, gain/loss cost basis, deferred gains, gain/loss sale proceeds, loan/investor accounts for each property, etc.). In the event you sell a property and are contracted to improve the property further, we will set up the proper cost of goods sold accounts, customer accounts, and items list to track those improvements.

Budgeting / Forecasting

Preparation of monthly and annual budgets and forecasting anticipated company performance on a monthly and annual basis. Identifying shortfalls and overages in the prior period to determine what caused the deficiencies and how those deficiencies are to be addressed and prevented in the future.

Business Organization

Application for EIN, Arizona Tax License, City Tax License, Articles of Incorporation, Publication of Articles of Incorporation, , Accounting Program, Administrative Coordination, Document Management, Liability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, etc.

Construction Accounting

Project set-up, invoicing, including AIA invoicing, accounts payable, collections, payroll and payroll taxes, Davis Bacon Invoicing, WIP accounting, retention billing and collection, Textura Invoicing, schedule of values, conditional and unconditional waivers, purchase orders, RMAs, change orders, etc.


Advising you on the proper way to keep track of your expenses and income, and suggest a variety of ways to invest in your company without losing site of the bottom line. We will review your current pricing structure and recommend changes that will result in a healthier bottom line based on current market conditions. What are your services worth to your customers? Let us help you increase your value.

Financial Reporting

Month end financial reports (i.e., balance sheet, income statement, WIP Reporting)

Market Analysis

Comparison of companies in like industries to determine if the expectations developed by your company are in line with other companies. Includes comparison of anticipated profits and costs.

Payroll Services

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your payroll will be properly processed and your taxes will be paid on time. We provide full payroll services to you and your business, including online payroll tax payments. Don’t sleep on it, call Bulletproof Bookkeeping. Federal Payroll Tax Registration (EFTPS), Arizona Payroll Tax Registration, Arizona DES Registration, E-Verify Registration.

Project / Document Management

Set-up structured filing system specific to your company, establish tracking system for certificates of insurance, banking records, structured project document tracking system (i.e., contracts, preliminary notices, RFIs, change orders).

Property Management

Set-up and maintain property accounting, including billing and collecting rents, eviction processing, month end adjusting entries, property maintenance, marketing surveys, occupancy projections, property and budget performance analyses, and annual budget preparation. Identify and analyze budget deficiencies for each property. Multi-property accounting and management. Marketing analyses comparing properties offering comparable amenities and locations with yours to determine if your occupancy and rental rates are within the parameters of the current market.

Training and Development

Train your employees concerning the bookkeeping and accounting functions of your company, as well as the administrative and office management processes, you determine are needed.

WIP Accounting

Work in progress reports based on contract value (including change orders), project costs versus actual costs and total billed, overbilling and underbilling, backlogs, projected monthly gross profit vs actual monthly gross profit, etc.